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Chagrin River Conditions

Check river levels through this link to the National Water Information System.





Ohio's Lake Erie Public Access Guidebook - Rivers Edition

The above link will take you to Ohio's Lake Erie Public Access Guide - Rivers Edition which covers more than 870 field-checked river miles and features 220 public access sites.  The rivers edition encompasses sites ranging from small roadside fishing locations to the vast 33,000-acre Cuyahoga Valley National Park.





Fishing the Chagrin

Chagrin River Steelhead Trout Fishing

Cleveland Metroparks Fishing

Lake Metroparks Fishing Report



Paddling the Chagrin

Where to boat on the Chagrin River





Park Districts

Cleveland Metroparks

North Chagrin Reservation
South Chagrin Reservation

Geauga Park District

Bass Lake Preserve
Bessie Benner Metzenbaum Park
Frohring Meadows
Orchard Hills
The Rookery
The West Woods

Lake Metroparks

Chagrin River Park
Chapin Forest Reservation
Farm Park
Gulley Brook Park
Penitentiary Glen Reservation
Pete’s Pond Preserve
Pleasant Valley Park

The Holden Arboretum

Covering 3,600 acres, The Holden Arboretum is among the largest arboreta in the United States. Documenting more than 120,000 plants, Holden’s horticultural focus is on a recognized collection of trees and shrubs, which are displayed in gardens accompanied by groundcovers and perennials, and in themed collections. We collect and display a diversity of plants and trees for evaluation and educational purposes, in order to convey sustainable plant choices recommended for our region.


Burroughs Nature Club

Devoted to the Conservation of Wildlife in Ohio - Willoughby, Ohio

Ohio’s Lake Erie Public Access Guidebook

The above link will take you to Ohio's Lake Erie Public Access Guide - a great resource for exploring Ohio’s Great Lake coast. From tranquil nature preserves and scenic vistas to sandy swimming beaches and prime fishing spots, Ohio’s coast has something for everyone.  Ohio has 169 public access sites along Lake Erie.




Clean Boating

The small amount of raw sewage, litter and used oil or cleaning products dumped off the boat might not seem like much, but the impact swells when multiplied by the thousands of recreational and commercial boaters who do the same. Being a good skipper means keeping our waters clean and healthy. Check out Ohio’s Clean Boater Program for details on how you can become a Clean Boater.