Chagrin River Watershed Partners provides numerous services for residents living in member communities. From helping homeowners manage backyard streams to creating a rain garden, CRWP staff provide residents the resources to alleviate flooding and erosion problems on their properties. 

Consultations and a site visit are provided free of charge. CRWP staff commonly help homeowners with:

  • Streambank or hillside erosion
  • Flooding and stormwater management
  • Wetland verification
  • Pond maintenance

Resources for Homeowners

Understand what a watershed is and the impact you have on the Chagrin River and Lake Erie watersheds every day.

What is a Watershed?

Chagrin River Watershed Facts

Managing Stormwater

What is stormwater and why should I be concerned with how I manage it on my property?

Landscaping Solutions

Rain gardens, native plants, trees, lawn care, steep slope solutions, soil testing and more great resources!

Backyard Streams

Fact Sheets, Articles, Publications

Be a Conservation Crusader!  Being a conservation crusader means promoting the wise use of our natural resources so they will be available for future generations.

River Recreation

Get out and enjoy the Chagrin River and surrounding park areas! Check water levels, canoeing opportunities and park amenities.

Lake Erie

Keep our Great Lake great