Ohio EPA awarded the City of Pepper Pike a $51,150 Section 319 grant to manage stormwater flows from an existing farmhouse and parking lot on the Morgan Park property, located at the intersection of Pinetree Road, Lander Road, and Chagrin Boulevard.  This project:

  • Installed1,100 square feet of permeable pavers in parking lot
  • Installed 150 square feet of bioretention area and 560 square feet of rain gardens
  • Removed a 1/2 acre stand of invasive Japenese knotweed to improve habitat along a headwater to Pepper Creek  
Pepper Pike was gifted the property in December 2012 for use as a park, and will maintain the property in perpetuity as a City park.  
A headwater stream that is tributary to Pepper Creek and ultimately the Chagrin River runs through Morgan Park.  Suburban development has increased the stormwater runoff into Pepper Creek and causes erosion, flooding, and sediment problems. This project will restore the existing stream corridor and minimize stormwater flows to ensure that Pepper Creek maintains water quality standards. This project will also provide examples for Pepper Pike residents on innovative stormwater practices like permeable pavers and rain gardens and highlight the value of healthy, vegetated stream corridors. Planting a naturally vegetated stream buffer instead of turfgrass will show residents alternatives to better manage their own stream corridors and stabilize streambanks. CRWP will work with Pepper Pike on this project to further the City’s goal of enhancing and improving stormwater management.  
This product or publication was financed in part or totally through a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, under the provisions of Section 319(h) of the Clean Water Act. The contents and views, including any opinions, findings, or conclusions or recommendation, contained in this publication are those of the authors and have not been subject to any U.S. EPA or Ohio EPA peer or administrative review and may not necessarily reflect the views of either Agency, and no official endorsement should be inferred.