Funded by Ohio EPA Surface Water Improvement Fund (SWIF) Grant

Town Hall Parking Lot Stormwater Retrofit Demonstration Project

During the summer of 2012 the existing 0.45 acre chip and seal parking lot at Chester Township’s town hall located at 12701 Chillicothe Road received a complete overhaul that included two innovative stormwater runoff management practices. The parking lot was repaved and three bioretention cell landscape features totaling 1,300 square feet of treatment area were installed in the center of the newly installed 3,800 square feet of pervious pavers to treat and reduce stormwater runoff from the surrounding impervious asphalt pavement. The bioretention cell and pervious paver stormwater retrofits were made possible by $77,295 in grant funds obtained through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s (Ohio EPA) Surface Water Improvement Fund (SWIF).

The innovative design directs stormwater runoff from the asphalt portion of the parking lot to the pervious pavers and then to the bioretention cells, filtering pollutants such as oils, grease and dirt before the stormwater enters the storm sewer drains. This filtering system or ‘treatment train’ of stormwater runoff management is recommended by the Chagrin River Watershed Partners.

The pervious pavers are not only effective at reducing runoff by allowing water to soak into the gravel base below the pavers, they also provide aesthetic appeal to the parking surface, and supply additional safety features to the parking lot by decreasing the formation of black ice during the winter. The pervious design of the paver system enables the paver surface to dry faster creating ice-free footing conditions available to pedestrians and disabled residents utilizing the pervious paver parking spaces. Superior drainage and thermal warming within the gravel material underneath the pervious pavers assists in reducing icy conditions, which in turn requires less salt application, saving the Township on deicing and snow removal costs.

This project demonstrates to local developers, businesses, residents and public officials in Chester Township and the greater Geauga County area that innovative stormwater management can be retrofitted into existing parking areas or constructed within new developments successfully.

Fact Sheet - Pervious Pavers
Chester Town Hall Parking Lot Stormwater Retrofit

Fact Sheet - Bioretention Cells
Chester Town Hall Parking Lot Stormwater Retrofit

Rain Garden Demonstration Project

The Ohio EPA SWIF grant also provided funds to construct a rain garden demonstration site at the West Geauga High School – Geauga County Public Library complex located at 13401 Chillicothe Road, which was completed in 2010 and is used regularly as an educational outreach tool for K-12 environmental education programming delivered by the high school students who developed and constructed the rain garden project.

Homeowners can construct a rain garden on their property to help alleviate stormwater drainage problems associated with downspouts or wet areas. In addition, rain gardens filter stormwater, recharge the ground water supply, and enhance the beauty of individual yards and the community. For more information on rain gardens go to: Rain Garden Manual for Homeowners.

The Chagrin River Watershed Partners assisted Chester Township in applying for and administering the grant, as well as providing input on the design, and assisting with education and outreach associated with the project.

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