What can I do?


Smart, eco-friendly landowner resources

Follow our titles below to find eco-friendly ways to improve your yard while keeping our creeks, streams, and lakes clean and healthy. These resources feature answers to our top frequently asked questions and videos for furthering your environmental education. Collectively, these small steps can have a big effect on decreasing flooding, keeping pollutants out of water, and providing habitat for birds and beneficial insects.

What can CRWP do for me? The free resources found on our website are designed to point you in the direction to find low cost, low impact solutions to common stormwater and erosion problems.  We have no monetary interest in the products or services that might be necessary for implementing the solutions (plants, landscapers, soil mixes, mulch, contractors).

Will you come to my property to provide recommendations? CRWP offers individualized recommendations to landowners on a fee for service basis.  This can be via phone, web or video conference and in some instances, a site visit. If your community is a member of Chagrin River Watershed Partners or our partner organizations in the Central Lake Erie Basin, we need their permission to proceed. Click here to learn more.

Do you have money to assist me?  The short answer is no.  There is very limited grant funding available from governmental programs for private landowner flooding or erosion problems.  Landowners typically cannot apply for the funds directly from the government.