Minimum Control Measure 6 Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping

Developing and implementing a program with the goal of preventing or reducing pollutant runoff from municipal operations. The program must include municipal staff training on pollution prevention measures and techniques (e.g., regular street sweeping, reduction in the use of pesticides or street salt, or frequent catch-basin cleaning).

Program elements for MCM 6 Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping include:

  • Infrastructure Mapping and Characterization
  • Public Street Operations and Maintenance
  • Flood Management
  • Public Facilities Operation and Maintenance


CRWP Presentations/Speakers Bureau

Model Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) for Municipal Activities: An SWP3 is required for municipally owned facilities that conduct activities described as “Industrial Activity”.  The model SWP3 is designed to be tailored to each community, and may include the service garage, fire station, police station, or parks and recreation services.