Project Goal

Reduce and treat stormwater runoff before connecting to a storm sewer system through a a linear bioretention swale system within the right-of-way of a residential street.

Original System

An open swale system was built in the late 1950’s to capture and move road runoff to channels that run through rear yards on private residential property. No access easements were established. Over time the channels filled with sediment and debris, resulting in standing water and chronic street and yard flooding.

Design Considerations

To fix the original system the Village would need to obtain access easements from multiple property owners, clear brush and trees along property lines, and re-grade hundreds of feet of the original channel system. The new bioretention swale system did not require any tree removal because the construction stayed in the existing Village road right of way. The new biorentention swale was designed to reduce 80% of the overall flow to the storm sewer connection on Lander Road because the runoff infiltrates into the soil and is used by the plants before flowing into the Lander Road storm sewer system.

Bioretention Swale Details

The bioretetion swale system is an open grass swale with a perforated storm sewer pipe below an engineered soil mix. The soil mix is composed of 70% sand and 30% peat or leaf compost, and allows for rapid infiltration of water runoff and acts as a filter system to remove pollutants. Within the swale system there are landscaped rain garden areas around each catch basin. Surface stormwater runoff flows to the catch basin and rain garden areas, which fill to a maximum of 6” around each catch basin. Water soaks into the ground and is used by the plants or infiltrates through the soil mix and is absorbed by the ground. Once the water reaches over 6” in the catch basins, it overflows directly to the storm sewer to prevent flooding.

The Orange Village Service Department will maintain the stormwater system and rain garden areas for 3 years. After three years the landscape maintenance will become responsibility of the homeowners. Orange Village and CRWP will work with homeowner to ensure easy transition after 3 year period.

For more information on this project please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (440) 975-3870.

Funding for this project was provided by United States Environmental Protection Agency - National Decentralized Water Resources Capacity Development Project, Orange Village and CRWP Members in cooperation with the United States Geological Survey Ohio Water Science Center, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and the USEPA National Risk Management Research Laboratory.