During the summer of 2013, Orange Village installed 9,420 square feet of permeable pavers and 520 square feet of bioretention at their new service department facility.  The project site, adjacent to Village Hall, was purchased in 2009 and was formerly a church.  Ohio EPA funded this project through the Surface Water Improvement Fund.  The permeable paver driveway replaces a larger concrete parking lot that did not have any stormwater treatment. 
This site is also part of CRWP’s National Estuarine Research Reserve Science Collaborative research initiative. As a part of this initiative, CRWP and its partners are monitoring the hydrology of the new best management practices. Orange Village service center site has been instrumented with monitoring equipment to measure the amount of water that soaks into the ground and the amount that goes to the storm sewer. This data and site-specific climate data will be utilized to model stormwater runoff quantity reduction capacity based on projected climate change scenarios.  See project fact sheet here.
This product or publication was financed in part or totally through a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency under the provisions of the Surface Water Improvement Fund and the USEPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.