With funding from the Ohio Water Development Authority in cooperation with the Ohio Lake Erie Commission, the Chagrin River Watershed Partners (CRWP) investigated the feasibility of establishing a mitigation bank in the Chagrin River watershed to support implementation of the Chagrin River Watershed Balanced Growth Plan.  CRWP solicited proposals from our Members for potential mitigation sites, developed a system for ranking potential mitigation sites, and attempted to establish 2 bank sites in the watershed under an umbrella agreement.  For the  North Chagrin Mitigation Bank site, CRWP and its partners produced a draft prospectus, a prospectus, a draft mitigation plan, and a draft instrument.  Associated with this work, CRWP assembled cost estimates for establishing a mitigation bank and lessons learned in this process.  Our project was complicated by a lack of mitigation rules for streams and changes to mitigation rules and Ohio EPA’s position on in-lieu fee banks during our project.  Potential sponsors of mitigation banks should avoid sites with mineral rights owned by others and be prepared for large capital costs and more than one year of coordination with the Interagency Review Team to establish a bank.  Although CRWP and Cleveland Metroparks continue to work towards establishing a mitigation bank, several sites identified during this project have been restored using funding from other sources.  Learn more about this project by reading our final report.

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