Lake Erie Stormwater Stewards Rebate Program

Help Keep Lake Erie Clean!


In partnership with the City of South Euclid and the Central Lake Erie Basin Collaborative (CLEB), the Lake Erie Stormwater Stewards Rebate Program offers rebates to participating homeowners in the City of South Euclid. Homeowners become Stormwater Stewards by installing rain barrels or rain gardens that meet all program criteria to help manage stormwater runoff from impermeable surfaces on their properties. Any single-family homeowner located in South Euclid is eligible to apply for these rebates. Rebates are awarded on a first come, first served basis, and will be based on funding availability. Only newly installed rain barrels or rain gardens are eligible for rebates. You must receive CLEB approval before installing eligible rain barrels or rain gardens in order to receive a rebate.


To begin the rebate process, please fill out the Program Application form below. You can also download and complete the Program Application and submit it to stormwaterrebates@crwp.org. After submitting your application, a program representative will reach out to you to discuss your site and may schedule a stormwater consultation site visit.

Reducing Stormwater Runoff


Stormwater runoff that drains from our homes, lawns, roads, ditches, and parking lots goes directly from storm drains into our streams, like Euclid Creek and Nine Mile, and eventually to Lake Erie untreated. Stormwater can carry with it dirt and pollution like litter, debris, and oils. Rooftops, driveways, sidewalks, and other hard surfaces are impermeable, meaning that they don’t allow this water to soak through. Excess stormwater from impermeable surfaces not only carries harmful pollutants but can also lead to localized flooding issues and overwhelm stormwater sewer systems. You can help manage stormwater on your property by installing a rain barrel or rain garden. Rain barrels and rain garden both work to capture water from impermeable surfaces, reducing the amount of runoff that ends up in our streams and Lake Erie.

A rain barrel is connected to a downspout where it collects stormwater runoff from a roof. The barrel stores the water for later use. You can use stormwater collected from a rain barrel to water your landscaping and non-edible plants. A standard rain barrel can hold 50 gallons of stormwater.

A rain garden is a shallow, saucer-shaped garden that works with nature to collect and filter stormwater that runs off impermeable surfaces. They are filled with amended soil and native, wet-tolerant plant species whose roots work with the soil to slow down and filter stormwater runoff. Rain gardens can also help address localized flooding issues, create important habitat for native pollinating wildlife, and make a beautiful addition to your landscaping.