Types of ponds:

  • Online: An online pond is one that is located on a stream, and is built by dredging an area within it or by damming a stream.
  • Offline: An offline pond is completely separated from any other waterbody and has no inlets or outlets to a stream channel.

Maintenance and monitoring of your pond:

  • Maintenance dredging may be necessary as sediment builds (some dredging activities may require permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and/or the Ohio EPA)
  • Prevent trees and shrubs from establishing on berm
  • Prevent and repair erosion
  • Keep all inlets and outlets free of obstructions
  • Monitor at least twice a year for erosion, grass and tree cover, and obstructions, weathering and displacement of material
  • Keep written and photographic records
  • Take care while applying herbicides and fertilizer around your pond to prevent excess from entering the water


  • Excess sediment in your pond reduces storage volume, decreases water quality, and increases required maintenance
  • Identify the source of sediments. Sediment sources include:  stormwater outfalls, ditches, stream bank erosion, impervious surfaces such as parking lots, agriculture, and construction sites
  • Manage the source to reduce the need for frequent dredging
  • Install a forebay