Constructing new Doan Brook channel alignment at Rockefeller

Park in Cleveland

Sowinski Park Stream Restoration in Collaboration with Doan Brook Watershed Partnership

CRWP has been assisting Doan Brook Watershed Partnership (DBWP) with an exciting project to address streambank erosion and provide floodplain access in Rockefeller Park in Cleveland. This project is located just north of St. Casimir Way in an area known as Sowinski Park. This project will restore 1,050 linear feet of Doan Brook and revegetate 0.6 acres of riparian area. Project construction began in October 2022. Other project partners have plans to add recreational amenities to this area in the future. CRWP assisted DBWP with grant writing, grant and project management, and consultant selection and oversight.


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Funders and Partners 

This project was financed in part through a grant from the State of Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, under the provisions of Section 319(h) of the Clean Water Act. The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District also provided funding for this project.




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