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Sowinski Park Stream Restoration Project

Click here for Sowinski Park Restoration Project RFP 20210315

March 15, 2021: Request for Proposals released.

March 31, 2021:
Mandatory pre-proposal Zoom meeting. Firms should visit Project site prior to the meeting. Firms must request a meeting invitation by emailing Victoria Mills by March 30, 2021.

April 1, 2021:
Questions pertaining to this Request for Proposals must be submitted by 4:00 PM
and directed to Keely Davidson-Bennett via email only.

April 8, 2021:
A Question and Answer document will be posted on


Black Brook Flood Study - Mantua Township, Ohio


Notice is hereby given that Statements of Qualifications for the Black Brook Flood Study will be received electronically until 4:00 pm local time, on Monday, March 1, 2021. Submittals entitled “Black Brook Flood Study” shall be sent to Trustee John Festa at Statements received after this time and date will not be accepted.

To obtain the Request for Qualifications package, email Keely Davidson-Bennett at The package will be transmitted electronically; no hard copies will be forwarded. There is no cost for the Request for Qualifications package.

Issued: February 1, 2021

Black Brook RFQ Questions & Answers (Q & A)

Q1: Is there a set-aside for SBE/DBE/EDGE firms?

A1: No, there is not a set-aside, but we encourage submittals from SBE/DBE/EDGE firms.

Q2: On page 3 of 38 in the RFQ document under item 1 of the Consultant Scope of Services, it indicates that the Consultant will be installing monitoring equipment and collecting streamflow data. We understand this to mean that we will be installing additional equipment and monitoring it for streamflow data, and that we will also be provided water level data from the already-installed HyFi sensors, is that correct?

A2: Consultants will be provided the water level data from the already-installed HyFi sensors.  If consultants need additional data to calibrate the model, they need to collect that additional data as part of this contract.

Q3: On page 3 of 38 in the RFQ document under item 3 of the Consultant Scope of Services, it states the Consultant will "identify alternatives based on level of services goals to mitigate areas prone to flooding which pose health and safety risks." Have the project partners already identified level of services goals to be used in the alternatives analysis, or will the Consultant be developing level of services goals with the project partners during the pre-design phase?

A3: Level of service goals will be determined based on model results.  A 100-year level of service would be the initial goal if it is feasible.

Q4: On page 16 of 38 in the RFQ document under "3. Hydraulic and Hydrologic (H&H) Modeling Strategy," It lists main H&H input parameters. When using the SWMM model, is using the Green-Ampt infiltration methodology acceptable instead of the curve number method?

A4: Consultants will be responsible for choosing and defending model choice and parameters. The Green-Ampt infiltration methodology would be acceptable.

Q&A posted 2/15/2021

Munson Township Stream Stabilization

Munson Township is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a qualified engineering/consulting firm to complete design and construction of a streambank stabilization and riparian restoration project in Munson Township, Ohio. This project is partially funded under the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency under provisions of Section 319(h) of the Clean Water Act. The total maximum cost/price for performance under this contract is $268,000.

A mandatory pre-bid virtual Zoom meeting is scheduled for 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, February 4, 2021 with staggered mandatory site visits to take place on February 4, 2021 from 12PM to 5PM. Please RSVP to Kristen Hebebrand at to receive a site visit time slot by February 2, 2021.

Proposals are to be submitted electronically to Kristen Hebebrand at and uploaded to no later than 11:00 am on March 1, 2021 for Munson Township’s Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin Stream Restoration. If you are interested in receiving the bid specifications and other bid information please contact

Issued January 27, 2021