Chagrin River Watershed Partners (CRWP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that connects people and communities to care for the Chagrin River and other watersheds in Ohio.  Our work enhances quality of life and solves costly flooding, erosion, and water quality problems.


Preserving and enhancing the scenic and environmental quality of the ecosystem of the Chagrin River, Lake Erie and other Ohio watersheds in a manner which assures a sustainable future for people, plants and animals.


Healthy water resources that support vibrant communities where we hike, bike, fish, bird-watch and enjoy the great outdoors.


CRWP was formed by 16 cities, villages, townships, counties, and park districts in 1996 in response to increasing concerns about flooding, erosion, and water quality problems. Today CRWP’s 36 members represent over 91% of the land area in the watershed. CRWP provides technical assistance to members and develops cost effective solutions to minimize new, and address current water quality and quantity problems.

CRWP's Founding Principles Are:

  • Natural systems provide flood control, erosion control, and water quality protection services that should be maintained as land is developed. 
  • It is more cost effective for local governments to take planning and development steps to maintain these services than to pay for costly, and generally less effective, remedial solutions.

CRWP delivers beneficial services to local decision makers in the context of a watershed approach. CRWP supports these services with on-going studies of watershed functions, and shares and collaborates with organizations and communities facing similar issues statewide. CRWP is funded by annual dues payments from member communities, foundation grants, and grants from State and Federal agencies. Member dues are based on the amount of land in the watershed and the assessed value of the community. Since its formation, CRWP has worked closely with members in developing strategies to address flooding, erosion and water quality problems.