Winter Practices

In the winter, the frozen soil conditions do not allow water to soak into the ground to filter out pollutants. Here are a few ways to prevent pollution throughout the winter months.


Use an alternative to standard ice melting salt.  Potassium Acetate (KA) is an alternative to salt for melting ice and is just as effective yet less harmful to plants and trees.   While KA is not a feasible alternative for de-icing extensive amounts of roadway due to its cost, it is a feasible alternative to de-ice front walkways or driveways.  This is readily available at the local hardware store.


No Garage Rinsing:  While it is tempting to take out the hose and spray the gray sludge and salt off of the car and out of the garage on a relatively warm winter day, this is not a good idea. Instead, take the car to a car wash and sweep the garage and properly dispose of the waste.