Clean Boating

The small amount of raw sewage, litter and used oil or cleaning products dumped off the boat might not seem like much, but the impact swells when multiplied by the thousands of recreational and commercial boaters who do the same.  Clean boating means clean healthy waters. Follow these simple steps to make a difference:


  • Fuel-up carefully.  Recycle used oil.  Keep motors well tuned to prevent fuel and lubrication leaks.
  • Empty sewage into shoreline wastewater facilities and never throw litter overboard.  Not only does litter look bad, it injures and even kills aquatic life.
  • Observe “no wake” zones.  Boat wakes contribute to shoreline erosion and stir up bottom sediments that block sunlight from reaching underwater vegetation.
  • Flush winterizing agents and antifreeze from the engine into a proper receptacle prior to launch each season.
  • Use environmentally friendly products on the boat such as non-phosphate detergents, biodegradable products, and a scrub brush.
  • Secure trash in a garbage receptacle on board and dispose of it properly on shore.  If disposing at a marina, follow their recycling rules.


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