Bendwayweir structures help stabilize Chagrin River

After: Bendwayweir structures help keep stabilized bank in place.

Tree and erosion along Chagrin River

Before: Erosion along the streambank.

Chagrin River Streambank Stabilization & Restoration

With funding from an Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Section 319 grant and the Village of Chagrin Falls, 250 feet of severely eroded streambank along the Chagrin River was stabilized in 2017. This project is located in Chagrin Falls Village next to the Meadow Lane Wastewater Treatment Plant.


A series of 4 bendwayweir structures (BW) were installed on the outside meander bend to deflect erosive stream velocity to the center of the channel, or thalweg. The streambanks were regraded to a gentler, more stable slope and native vegetation was planted along the river and up on the floodplain. This project restores floodplain access, reduces sediment from polluting the Chagrin River, and improves water quality both at the project area and further downstream.


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