Rain Garden Rebate

Rain gardens are designed to collect and filter rainwater that runs off impervious surfaces, like rooftops and driveways. Rain gardens naturally manage stormwater by allowing it to infiltrate into the ground onsite, rather than sending it directly to storm sewers and nearby streams untreated. Rebates are awarded at a rate of $5 per square foot of rain garden installed, with a maximum rebate amount of $1,300. Rebates cannot exceed the costs of the rain garden installation.


How to Get a Rain Garden Rebate


  1. Get a Rebate Pre-Approval


  1. Design and Plan Your Rain Garden
    • Refer to the Rain Garden Manual for Homeowners and the guides in the Rain Garden Pre-Installation Form to help you design and plan your rain garden.
    • Optional: Consider taking the Master Rain Gardener course. The Master Rain Gardener course is a 5-week course that teaches participants how to design, install, and maintain residential rain gardens. Visit the Northeast Ohio Master Rain Gardener website to learn more.
    • If you plan to use a contractor, consider selecting a qualified professional from the List of Professional Rain Gardeners.
    • Before you begin installation, complete and submit the Rain Garden Pre-Installation Form, before photos, design sketch, planting plan, itemized invoice estimate, and signed Rain Garden Maintenance Agreement. You may also download and submit the form and materials to stormwaterrebates@crwp.org. If your plans meet all program requirements, you will receive approval to begin installation. After receiving eligibility confirmation and recommendations from a program representative, participants will have 45 days to submit all pre-approval materials. After submitting pre-approval materials, you may make adjustments to designs and resubmit materials with program representative approval.


  1. Install Your Rain Garden
    • Install your rain garden yourself or have your selected contractor install it for you. Take photos after installation is complete.
    • Save all receipts and invoices for proof of all purchases.


  1. Complete the rebate process
    • Submit the Rain Garden Rebate Application Form, post-installation photos, and proof of all purchases. You may also download and submit the application and materials to stormwaterrebates@crwp.org. A program representative will schedule a post-construction site visit to give post-construction approval.
    • After your rain garden is approved, receive and install program signage.
    • If you meet criteria for Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District's Stormwater Fee Credit program, apply to receive the fee credit.