Using Less Water

Rain isn’t the only vehicle for water pollution.  We water our lawns to satisfy our plants, wash our cars, and even spray down our sidewalks and driveways to make them look nice. The less water we use the less polluted runoff we will be sending to our waterways. Homeowners can reduce water use by:

  • Putting a spray nozzle on the hose can save hundreds of gallons of water with each use.
  • Using less water inside the house can also improve water quality.  The more tap water use, the more treated water that is being adding to our creeks, streams and lakes.  Check out “100 Ways to Conserve” water (
  • Using a broom and dust pan to clean the driveway or sidewalk.  Washing a driveway or sidewalk with a hose uses about 50 gallons of water every 5 minutes.