Stream & Wetland Restoration Assessment

Stream & Wetland Restoration Performance Assessment

Chagrin River Watershed Partners, in coordination with its member communities and partners, conducted assessments of long term performance for previously completed stream and wetland restoration projects in northern Ohio. While regulatory and funding agencies require monitoring for some restoration projects, monitoring often ends within a few years of construction. For this project, CRWP visited sixteen previously completed stream and wetland restoration projects and assessed the degree to which each is functioning as designed using standardized protocols and additional customized assessment criteria based on project goals. For this project, CRWP also developed and piloted a model restoration assessment checklist that may be used by project partners and natural resource professionals. In cases where projects were not functioning optimally, CRWP worked with communities and partners to identify remedies and funding sources. Assessments indicated that most restoration projects were performing successfully when compared with original project goals and providing good or excellent stream or wetland habitat. Case studies of successful projects and identification of common challenges and lessons learned will help inform the management of current and future stream and wetland restoration projects.


A publication titled Stream and Wetland Restoration Performance Assessment Project: Technical Report was completed in July 2018. This technical report summarizes findings and recommendations to enhance the long-term performance of stream and wetland restoration projects.


Funders and Partners 

This Stream and Wetland Restoration Performance Assessment Project was made possible through funding from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Coastal Management Assistance Grant Program, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Lake County Stormwater Management Department, George Gund Foundation, and with cooperation from CRWP member communities and park districts for participation in these assessments. CRWP also appreciates assistance from Cleveland Metroparks and the Ohio Coastal Training Program with the development of training for this project. 


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