Keeping Our Water Clean


Eco-friendly ways to help keep our water clean

Walk the dog.  Wash the car.  Change the oil.  Add some anti-freeze.  Kill some weeds.  Fertilize the lawn.  Certainly nothing odd about these activities, but without us noticing, our most common household chores could have an unhealthy impact on our creeks, streams and lakes.  Each time it rains everything we leave on our streets, driveways, and lawns washes untreated through our ditches and storm drains into our creeks, streams and lakes.  These pollutants threaten the health of fish and other life along the water. These pollutants also affect how we use our creeks, streams and lakes.  No one wants to fish or play in dirty water.

What can we do to keep our streams and Lake Erie healthy and safe for our use? Keep pollutants out of rain water. Following some of these simple recommendations can have a big effect on our creeks, streams and lakes, and keep them clean and healthy.